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Pink Champagne French Provincial Dresser

A French provincial dresser refinished in Dixie Belle Pink Champagne mineral chalk paint.

Hope you're all doing well. I know i'm feeling a bit cooped up, but I'm happy knowing my family is safe from the Coronavirus.


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I picked this cute little dresser out of the trash. you'll hear me saying that A LOT! I'm a trash picker... yep!... no shame. Sometimes people throw out FANTASTIC things!

Anyway... I've had this dresser for a few years, it was used in a few different rooms in our first house just the way it was, all chippy and yellow-y.

Well the time has come. I have to part ways with it because our new house is tiny =(.

The dresser had a formica top, normally I'd just paint over it and make it work. there was a small slice gouge out of it so I thought, eh I'll just take it off and sand the top underneath it down flat. TERRIBLE idea.. as you can see! It's particle board!!! ugh. A small part of me died inside when I noticed the particle board.

Oh well... what's done is done... now to brainstorm.. what to do?... what to do?

I used my Seekone Heat gun. Oh my goodness! Let me tell you a little about this heat gun! I LOVE it. I take a lot of veneer, formica, paint, lacquer, you name it off furniture pieces.

This tool is A-A-Amazing! It has a heat control knob so that you can set the temperature for what you you need. It works like a miracle, all you need to do is hold it in one hand with your trusty scraper in the other and just like that, you can scrap away whatever it is that you are trying to get off. What I like most about the tool is that paints are not sticky when they scrape off, they curl off like little thin sheets of paper. Here it is all scraped up. What a NOT SO Pretty sight.

After I scraped the top off I worked a little trial magic on it. I skim coated the top of the dresser, where all of the particle board was, with Bondo. Yep! it's not just for cars folks! I use it often on furniture pieces . After the bondo hardened, we (Dustin) sanded it down with first, 100 grit sandpaper to knock it down, then 220 grit sandpaper for a silky smooth finish. worked wonders!

I gave the rest of the piece a little sand down with some 100 grit sandpaper (I prefer this 3M sandpaper) I also use this sanding block quite a bit as it's easy to swap out sandpaper. I sanded it down for two reasons:

1. To take care of any paint that was flaking off

2. To allow for the paint to adhere to the piece better.

I gave the whole thing a good wipe down, then I got to painting. I'm lucky that some buddies of mine over at The Junkie Monkey's here in Genesee County carry Dixie Belle Paint line. I just take a quick five minute drive and I have what I need. They are so friendly and prompt too! So if you live around me, you should most definitely check them out!

I painted the whole piece in Dixie Belle Pink Champagne. You can find it on Amazon if no one locally carries it.

I had a mirror floating around in my attic for ages... decided to see if it fit with the piece, and to my surprise it was perfect. I gave the mirror a few coats of Deco Art Metallic Champagne Gold paint.

I sealed the dresser with three coats of Rustoleum Matte protective Clear Coat. I like this top coat because it is the closest to 'matte' that you can get, aside from waxing a piece, but since this dresser was going to a little girl, a wax finish wasn't the best idea. I will say though, you really need to give this sealant a good stir, it's very milky and sometime it can chunk up (not a big deal).

Turned out SO cute, the top looks great too! I love it.

This Dresser ended up going to the daughter of a Childhood Friend of mine. She LOVED it, and it fit perfectly in her room, just like a little princess.

Here is everything I used on this piece:

- Seekone Heat gun

- 100 grit 3M sandpaper

- Bondo

- sanding block

- Dixie Belle Pink Champagne You can buy it on Amazon, I bought mine from The Junkie Monkey's

- Deco Art Metallic Champagne Gold Paint

- Rustoleum Matte Protective Clear Coat


Here's our little 'personal' update area.

Coming along in the 1940s bungalow! Boy are we itching to get in it!

We've finally put in the new windows in the Kitchen. Now we can finish wiring and drywalling...then after that the next step in that room is cabinets.

I have to tell you... ugh... I thought I was 'painting' Killian's room. Turns out My Dustin was pouring me more PRIMER!, not Paint =( So Killian's room has like 6 layers of primer on it. Oh well, at least it's primed. That's my task for today.. I'm painting Killian's room with the PAINT. ... next step in that room is... installing the floating shelves in the closets.

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