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Madisson + Kevin Bandur's Wedding

Love Burnt Orange? Us too! Especially on these tables! Check out these Gauze runners and napkins, they pair perfectly with the dried palm leaves.

Can't take any credit for this breathtaking wedding, we were hire to just set up and take down. The only things that we brought were the candlesticks, pampas grass, and water goblets.

Madisson's mom, Kristine, was a teacher at McGrath Elementary when I was in elementary school, we re-connected via one of my facebook market place ads and I'm so glad that we did. Their whole family is so kind and courteous, my kind of people.

First off, meet Morgan! Morgan is one of our 'Worker Bees'. She's fantastic! Morgan is the type of person that just gets things done. What's even better is that she will not start to do something unless she completely knows the task. I like the way she thinks.... then she doesn't need to do things twice.... or three times like me haha.

The Bandur Wedding took place at the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, a bit of a hike from Flint, but totally worth it!. I highly suggest that you click on the link and look at the greenhouse photos. The employees of the Market were so great to work with, and because of that, everything went so smoothly. So smoothly, that the Bride and her family walked into the venue as soon as we were putting the finishing touches on the tables. Here's a little 'Plant Appreciation Post'. I took all of these photos of all of the plants for Killian, our son, otherwise known around here as The Plant Child. He's obsessed with plants, even has his own little business.... check him out!

Look at these dang plants!! Goals right here.... one day, one day

Let's talk about the tables!...

What I thought was unique about the tables was the 'table cloth', or more so, what was used as the table cloth. Kristine had purchased a large roll of upholstery fabric. Not only was it great, it was soooo easy to roll out on the table. it was conveniently flat from being rolled around the tube.

Morgan and I worked together to get the cloth and the table runner down the long table, it would have been difficult with just one person. I, then, started placing the vases and the candle sticks while she placed the napkins and flatware. It's always nice having another person when it comes to name tags and place settings haha. I originally placed them, and she double checked... glad she did because I messed up a few placements.

*REMINDER - I am going to get in the habit of double checking with my brides ahead of time. Most indoor event centers will NOT allow you to have open flame. All candles must be in glass.* I say this, because sometimes it's a huge bummer when you get soooo close (day of) and realize that you can't have open flame. That happened at this wedding, however... very lucky... not having the flames on the tall candles didn't seem to kill the vibe at all. ALWAYS CHECK!

Here are some of the photos that I took the day of.

I love, LOVE the dried palm leaves. I loved them, and the vases, so much that I bought them from Kristine after the wedding! So, now I own them =)

I also bought the 10' tall triangle arbor that they used for their ceremony. Madisson's dad made it. He did a great job! He's super talented.

Here are some photos from the Photographer JessyJaxPhotography

See that beautiful Pampas grass? Woof was I lucky that my BFF still had hers from her wedding. Saved me a ton! Thanks for letting me borrow your grass Brooke <3

Thank you so much Madisson and Kevin!! Here's to many, many years <3

....p.s. Madisson.... your dress is to die for!

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