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Brooke's 40th!

Brooke has amazing friends! They wanted to welcome her into her 40s with an elegant party, and they did exactly that!

Brooke's best friends collaborated together to make sure that her special day was one to remember. The overall goal was 'elegance' with a harvest feel since her birthday was in the middle of October. The party was held at the birthday girl's home on a pretty chilly October evening. We all kept saying... "It's not raining! that's a plus". In Michigan anything after the start of School, weather wise, is unpredictable. The chilliness of the evening wasn't that big of a deal, it was more the darned wind! every time we lit our candles they would blow out... such a bummer. But after the wind died down later in the night they stayed lit... that's a positive!

My contact the whole time was one of Brooke's best of friends, Katie. We were in contact regarding the over all vibe of the party and the 'must haves' like tables.. chairs...ect. One thing that can be difficult to get your hands on is table clothes. This is something that I am slowly collecting over time for smaller occasions such as these... It just makes it all so much easier. Anyway... I made a post online asking if anyone had any tablecloths for sale and whatnot; I got a lot of people saying try this rental and try that rental. I wasn't looking for rent haha! I'm not a 'renter' which explains why I own so much crap. Long story short, a friend of mine reached out saying that she had 19 Ivory floor length tablecloths! I was so excited!, not only did she save me, but she helped me build my inventory. Thank You Krystal!!

My best friend, also named Brooke, helped me out a ton! She's wonderful when it comes to design, she's got quite an eye for it. Brooke owns Brooke Ahne Creative, she's an amazing calligraphist and she makes super unique maps for decor. you really should

check her stuff out.

Check out these awesome place setting tags! I had Brooke do her fancy writing thing and send them over to me in a vector file. From there I raided our cupboards for cereal boxes, used the cricut to cut them out, and spray painted them with whatever color gold-ish paint that I had on hand. I love them! It's these simple, added pieces that really pull the table together for me.

Brooke and I arrived pretty much just as Birthday Brooke's friends got to the house. We all hustled carrying tables and chairs to the back, and then all of the table settings. wasn't too bad moving everything to the back without a cart... in retrospect, it was probably good that we were moving so much to our blood flowing on the chilly night. Once we got the tables to the back it was almost like a fun Tetris game trying to figure out how to make the tables fit in one straight path on the deck... but we did it!

My Brooke brought other decor pieces from her home, and BOY AM I GLAD SHE DID! These charger are not actually chargers, but they are compostable bamboo plates! How neat are these? I love having natural pieces scattered here and there. This table had these 'chargers', a few handfuls of mini white pumpkins, and beautiful fall flowers. The flowers were bought sort of last minute. I love having flowers on tables, but sometimes budgets don't always allow for them, flowers and arrangements are expensive! But I, personally needed to sneak some on this table for a tiny pop of color. I'm just so lucky to have Roots on Reid right around the corner from my house! Such great people to work with, she even gave me things to stick in the vases so there wasn't just flowers... definitely going to be doing business with them again in the future. We even used the flowers after the party to do a tiny milk bath photo shoot with out little babe Veda Lynne, I'll make sure to share that little gem at the bottom of the blog, she's a little cutie pie.

We used my mixed matched china and flatware (you'll see this a lot, I'm obsessed with the look), I had some flower garland that was draped down the center of the table, and Brooke brought her wood garland to weasel on top of it! The whole thing ended up having a very elegant boho, fall vibe; exactly what we were going for. Another one of Katie's requests was candles. She really wanted twinkle on the table. She's lucky I save all of my used and unused candles haha! If you ever need a candle .... you know where to go! Seriously... I have a ton. I dug through my lot of holders, and candles and we spaced them out down the table. Fun! Fun! Fun! I absolutely loved how the table turned out, and everyone at the party was so kind, especially Birthday Brooke!

Huge Thank You to my Brooke! I don't know what I'd do without you!


H A P P Y - B I R T H D A Y - B R O O K E !

you do look Fabulous!

This picture was taken by Katie! I had to share because she's absolutely beautiful.


As promised, here's miss Veda Lynne sporting a few local businesses. Flowers, of course by Roots on Reid and the adorable headband was made by our friend Lexi at The knotty Plantress

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