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Brooke + Chris' Scandinavian/boho wedding 2021

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I’m so excited to finally be able to share Black Hive Co.’s new adventure! And, I was completely honored that my best friend, Brooke, trusted me enough to allow me to set her table. Her wedding was our first, and WHAT A FIRST IT WAS! It was gorgeous!

So, let me first say, Brooke is just an amazing human all around, but as a bride… she was perfect. Her wedding was stalled due to Covid, so that put a wrench in things. She never truly wanted a ‘Barn wedding’ but, when push came to shove, she made it work within her desired style. And, if there was ever a hiccup, she just worked through it without any stress. From the Decor to the food, everything was perfect.

She had the best people working for her and she hired the best companies for her special day. I’m super glad that she hired an amazing Photographer, Holly Clark Photography, because I was nine months pregnant with Veda and one of Brooke’s bridesmaids. THANK YOU HOLLY! Your photos are beautiful.

She was going for a very Scandinavian vibe with a little boho and green elements. She achieved the look for sure!

The Head table was placed in the center of the barn, so it was the focal point of the entire event. What I really liked is that Brooke and Chris decided NOT to split the wedding party from their dates. They really wanted a ‘Family Style’ feel, because isn’t that the whole point of a wedding… to start a new family. I just loved that. The whole table was filled with drink, great pizza, charcuterie, and laughter! She wanted the natural feel when it came to the table settings. I bought these beautiful natural rattan chargers specifically for her, and I’m super glad that I did. The natural hue of the chargers paired with the hand dyed gauze napkins that were simply knotted, really grounded the whole table scape.

I love that she wanted to add even more texture to the tables by alternating solid water glasses with textured glasses. Those small details, like matching the cream color in the dresses to her hand dyed napkins really tied the whole look together.

We love the mixed matched vintage look. Most of our stuff will show age, that’s the beauty of it. Its all vintage… it's been around for a bit, there is just something cool about celebrating a new beginning with things that have been around the block for many years. In my opinion it channels a bit of good luck to the newly weds.

Check out those BEAUTIFUL center pieces. Ruby Slipper Designs really knocked it out of the park in the decor and floral department! Sandi and Robin are great to work with too! I’m really looking forward to working with them again in the future. Check out their page to see what they have! They, too, have a lot of very cool vintage decor and furniture. They also have the farmhouse tables a lot of brides are looking for.


She really didn’t NEED the China Dinner and Salad plates, because she had a pizza food truck (totally in right now), but she WANTED the look. When it comes to a bride's special day the WANT is essential… it IS a huge day! Go big or go home! Make it picture worthy. I mean, how many times does this day happen! She had Rollin Stone Wood Fired Pizza food truck on site. they had a wood burning oven right there in the trailer! It was so delicious. Brooke and Chris are huge foodies, so they wanted to scatter charcuterie boards on all of the tables. The boards were done by Pop Up Platters, weren't they beautiful! They were like a piece of art sitting in the middle of the table.

Since I was a part of the bridal party, I could not set the tables. My amazing Mother (look how adorable she is) stepped in to assist. She did an amazing job! I asked Brooke how she wanted everything set up… took a few pictures… and my mom took off running with it! I’m a proud daughter. I think I’ll hire her again.

Also, look at how stunning this BRIDE IS!

Congrats Brooke and Chris STUDER! You guys are amazing, and your day was perfect. Again, thank you so much for letting me be a part of it, in every aspect.


I’m not saying good bye to furniture… I’m simply branching out. That is why we are called Black Hive Co. Vintage Home and Wedding. To all of our supporters and customers over the last few years we cannot thank you enough! 100% of our profits have been filtered back into our growing business and we will continue to do so until we hit our end goal (until that also grows)

NOW… Welcome the newest member to the Black Hive Co. family


Born: June 19,2021at 3:32pm

Pure Perfection. I cannot wait to put a paint brush in her hand.

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