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A Fancy First

Our little Veda turned ONE! seems unreal, but time flies when you're having a blast. I threw her little 'fancy' birthday bash together in a few days. We had just recently received these gold beaded chargers and I thought, what better time.

I ran to our storage units and scooped up things that would work around the chargers on a table, and of course brass goes with EVERYTHING! I haven't used any of my adorable floral print china yet either, so I grabbed a few to scatter on top of the dinner plates. I've been itching to put them on tables for a baby shower, but a baby's first birthday works too! Since it was a 'fancy dancy' party I snagged the crystal water goblets. Our friend Jay took two of them for juice because he said that it makes him feel fancy like Game of Thrones... I've never seen the show, but have at it bud, I feel pretty fancy using them too!

Tablecloths were wrinkly haha! I HATE Polyester Tablecloths! I'm sure I'll develop the patience for them over time, especially when these tablecloth hangers come in. But until then they sit (unfolded) in a tote. Notice the napkins! yep, same ones from Brooke and Chris' Wedding last May! They have been used SO much! The color is just soooo easy to work with.

Wish I my external flash wasn't broke, boo hiss. Oh well. I'll be super excited to get my new camera package soon to be able to highlight a ton of my beautiful pieces ! I'll just sit here in anticipation!

See flowers on the table?! I'm dipping my toes in floral. There is a local floral shop here that I've been going in and sort of shadowing/ learning here and there (bugging). They have been so helpful, and I just love that this is a new creative outlet for me. If you would have asked me a few years ago if I would ever arrange floral pieces the answer would have been a very hard NO. Some of the flowers are left over from a photoshoot a few prior, and the others I just went around asking random people if I could snip from their yard. Thank you Andie and Angee you guys will never know how grateful I am!

Also, Andie thank you for letting us borrow tables and chairs. It really pays off having such awesome friends, and Andie is definitely one of them. This is another area in which I am very ready and eager to posses, tables and chairs. I do know that I will be purchasing chairs this year, chairs might come early next year.


Now, Let's talk about Veda! our little squish was so spoiled. He dad made her this cute little arch from a piece of scrap wood from out garage, and I sanded down this old highchair that I bought from a lady for $5. Killian and I made the little tassel hanger the night before. He picked out the color of yarn, and I must say, he did a good job!

Needless to say... she liked the cake HAHA! I had to get some close up pics, because this time next year she'll be much larger, sort of bittersweet.


Waste not want not. The flowers were still too pretty, so my mom and I popped Veda in a tub and took some photos I'm so happy that we did, because look at those tiny hands!

H A P P Y · B I R T H D A Y · V E DA · L Y N N E !

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