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1930's Vintage Buffet New Look

This cutie has bounced around with us for the last 7 years. It's normal that I make my Dustin stop at corners and pick up pieces. It's actually where I find most of my favorite goodies!

This piece wasn't at the corner per-say, it was shoved amongst many, many other trashy looking items. I dove by this guys house one day and spotted it. I kept my eye on it for a while, then one and I saw the man out moving things from the pile to his back yard. Me, being the bold person I am, stopped to chat with him. I asked what is plans were with it, and his response was "all of this needs to be out of my driveway by tomorrow". He apparently had something large being delivered and was making space for it. I asked him very nicely to just leave the buffet and I promised that I would pick it up either later that night or very early the next day. He agreed, but said that if it was still there by 10am the following day, he was burning it. *Triumphant Trumpets* Dustin picked it up BY HIMSELF very late after work that night. I'm so lucky haha. He only really started grumping when I didn't get right on it!

7 YEARS! it moved from our first house... to the basement of our new house... from the basement to the storage unit... back to the our house... back to the storage unit.. back to the house... you get the idea, I think Dustin had the right to be annoyed.

The veneer was badly peeling. The drawers were stuck and a few of their slides needed to be fixed... but all in all.. it had good bones and a few of it's original hardware pieces.

It's not often that you see top veneer that isn't gouged. Overall this one was is pretty decent shape. I took my time and made sure that I didn't put too much pressure down while sanding. Once it was bare I put a few coats of water based poly on it and it turned out sooooo beautiful. The person who put the veneer on many moons ago did such a good job matching the grain.

Once I had the top done I had to come up with a plan for the bottom. I ran a poll on our page and asked brides what color I should paint the base... the response was overwhelmingly 'off white'. The reason behind off white, many brides said, was because there were so many pure white pieces and if a bride was wearing ivory, moscato, or champagne their dress clashed with the white piece. I get it! So.... I choose 'Mocha White' by Behr.

We hosted a little styled shoot to showcase the beauty. Arris from The Batter Bar made this absolutely adorable naked cake, which paired sooo well with the Mocha White and wood tone on the Buffet. The flowers on top were provided by our friend Jill from Roots on Reid, she's the best and we love working with her! Speaking of flowers... I made my first bouquet! I will be making many, many more; we will be expanding to offer floral to our brides here in the near future. We just need a few things to make sure the addition will be smooth. I'd also like to point our the adorable Macrame bouquet wrap that our model Lexi made. Check out her business, The Knotty Plantress She makes all kinds of fun macrame/ boho items.

I also brought my yellow sofa and had my friend wear my vintage, 1970s wedding dress from Scotland. I never wore it, Dustin and I just tied the knot at my cousin's house during Covid. Eh, no big deal... now I get to help so many brides with their perfect day!

The Dress is so beautiful though, I'm so happy that Lexi fit it. Another little funny thing about the Buffet, I had ordered some vintage knobs (the exact same knobs that are on it), but they didn't come in on time. I was picking my son up from his best friends house and I asked his mom if I could borrow some that were on her cabinets HAHA! they went right away and took the knobs off and let me borrow them. Thanks so much'll never know how much I appreciate you!

What do you think?! I, myself, am in LOVE.. it seriously will look good with ANY themed wedding. Actually, before it was even finished it was rented out to three different weddings!

Love my yellow sofa, I bought it a few months back from this awesome antique mall in Holly called Battle Alley Arcade. Unfortunately, the building just burned down. So devastating, the owners were so nice. I'm sure some sort of fundraising will take place, and we will most definitely be there.

Here are some other pictures of our little shoot. It rained the whole time we were there, but we made the best of it! I'm happy to have the pictures that we did manage to get.

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